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Check out Solenn’s own swimwear design that is made from recycled materials!

With the advancement of technology and the fast pacing urbanization, pollution in our environment also becomes a problem. Increasing population also contributes to the rising percentage of pollution in our world. Household garbage, industrial wastes, and chemicals are some major sources of pollution in land, air, and water.

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Pollution leads to destruction of natural resources. With our nature being destroyed, the balance in our environment gets disrupted. Living organisms are exposed to different pollutants that may harm their way of living. Because of pollution, many species of living organisms becomes endangered. Pollution also affects the condition of human life. Scarcity on our natural resources is one of the major effects of pollution. If this will continue and nothing is done about it, we are not only harming other living organisms but also we put ourselves in danger.

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Nowadays, many non-government organizations, manage to make activities lessen the pollution and keep our environment from getting destroyed and filthy. Here in the Philippines, some organize tree planting, the use of plastic bags are now banned in some areas, segregation of garbage are now implemented, and especially recycling is encouraged to everyone. Even some of the most famous tourist spots here in the Philippines were shut down to the public due to the rising concern regarding pollution. A good example is Boracay. Boracay was closed for 6 months so that it can recover from the harsh pollution it encountered for the past years.

Many Filipinos even the celebrities participate in these kind of activities to prevent the rising problem of pollution. Recently, the famous actress and “Wifezilla”, Solenn Heussaff designed a one-piece bathing suit made from recycled fish nets and plastic bottles. She also posted in her instagram account a photo of her wearing the swimwear she designed. Solenn made the swimwear to raise awareness and to help save Palawan seas. Solenn stated that she collaborated with Body Party to support the foundation “Save Palawan Seas”.

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Save Palawan Seas Foundation wrote on their instagram account, “This collaboration benefits one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines – Palawan. Part of the proceeds from the collaboration will be donated to the foundation, which provides beneficiary communities in Palawan sustainable sources of income without harming the environment.” Solenn also added that part of the earnings of the said collaboration will go to the saving of Palawan seas.

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