Sam Milby shows photo of his face after altercation in primetime show “Halik”

One of the most anticipated teleseryes in Philippine primetime television right now is ABS–CBN’s “Halik.” We bet most of you are invested in the show as well, given its plot and nightly intense scenes. The show revolves around the controversially and scandalously entangled lives of Lino, Ace, Jacky, and Jade, played by celebrated personalities Jericho Rosales, Sam Milby, Yen Santos, and Yam Concepcion, respectively.

In the latest episode of the show, Lino caught his wife Jade lip-locking with Ace. This prompted him to react immediately, of course, and ended with Ace’s face severely wounded.

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The whole episode left the televiewers at the edge of their seats and immediately went viral all over social media. Many followers of the show were truly affected by what they saw and they could not help but share their thoughts on what happened.

While the fans of “Halik” were still recovering from the exhilarating episode, Sam Milby, who plays the role of Ace, posted a photo of himself on his Instagram account that sparked quite a reaction from his fans and followers.

“Deserve ko to #AceCorpuz #MasakitNaHalik #BugbogSarado #Karma #Halik,” Milby posted along with a selfie of himself in full makeup complete with a severe black eye, wounds, and bruises on his otherwise flawless face. He even tagged Rosales on the photo as a joke to show just how badly the character of Lino roughed him up.

Many of his fans and followers were amused by his post and it immediately gained thousands of likes and reactions. Some of them also left their thoughts on the show after the emotional episode.

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Some also complemented him on his acting abilities after the convincing controversial scene.

“Yes, you’re right, you deserve it so bad! Ang galing mo mag-manipulate. On the other hand, I just want to tell you that your acting has improved so much especially your delivery ng dialog! (at)samuelmilby!!!” one netizen said.

“’Yung lahat ng viewers affected. Hahahaha! Ang huhusay naman kasi ng mga nag-portray ng characters sa #Halik. Good job!” another netizen said.

“Pogi pa rin kahit nakakagigil ang character. Thanks (at)samuelmilbykasi napaka effecetive ng role niyo ni YC. Very timely. God bless and more power sa teleserye niyo. More pasabog to come.” one user said.

“Feel ko din ang pain ni Lino. Kulang pa ang inabot ni Ace at Jade sa inyo 🙂 Kudos sa inyo pong lahat [sa] Halik. Ang galing po ninyong lahat.” another user said.

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What did you think of the latest episode of “Halik?” What do you think will happen to the characters of Jericho Rosales, Sam Milby, Yen Santos, and Yam Concepcion? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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