Find out what happens to a raw egg cracked under the sea

Most of us had probably tried cooking eggs in our lives. Definitely, we all know that an egg usually scatters the moment you break the eggshell. However, have you ever imagined what will happen to a raw egg when cracked underwater?

To feed your curiosity, scientists from the Bermuda Institute of Marine Science have conducted this special experiment. They dived 20 meters below sea level to determine what will happen to the raw egg they brought.

Once they reached the desired depth, the expert slowly broke the eggshell until they witnessed the amazing result. Instead of scattering everywhere, the egg remained whole and pretty much intact.

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Apparently, the seawater served as the “eggshell” layer and which secured the yolk and egg white. Thanks to the new shell, the contents floated around the water like a jellyfish.

At one point, the scientist tried to place it on his hand which he successfully did without breaking the egg. He even tried playing with it since the surrounding water acted as the protective cover. Thanks to the strong underwater pressure, this amazing thing we did not think of actually happened.

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Moreover, this experiment was also used to easily explain to the diver about the impact of pressure. According to a safety officer:

“We use the egg to get across the idea of pressure. The deeper you go into the ocean, the deeper the pressure.”

On your next scuba diving, maybe you should try this experiment and see the result for yourself.

Watch the video of the experiment below:

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