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Actress Loisa Andalio Held Cockroaches and Paraded it around their house!

They say that every person is considered a brave man until they remember that a cockroach has wings. We don’t know though, there must be something wrong with that saying because a lot of us clearly never forget — not even for a second — that those things can have wings and would fly to you the moment they set their mind to it.

Actress Loisa Andalio, however is a totally different person and somehow has a super power that enabled her to hold a cockroach and take its life away from it as well.

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In video she kept asking where the cockroach was and kept asking for a slipper as well. She then demonstrated how to successfully defeat a cockroach. It was very shocking to realize that she was holding the bug by its antennas and she did not seem bothered at all. Several people, would immediately flee at the sight of a cockroach let alone just hearing there is one inside the room. This woman however just bravely held on to it like it was not a big deal to her. We don’t really think that it was with the way she has held it so close to her face.Can somebody tell her the perils of this decision please? This is giving some of us some anxiety! Not to mention it is unhygenic as well. It is brave, yes but is it even necessary???!!!

As the video progressed, she was holding two of them already. She held the cockroaches for over 6 minutes as she went on Facebook live. She even decided to experiment with them and place them inside a plastic cup. She finally decided to watch her hand. Thoroughly. She even showed that she was using soap which proved to be a very wise decision. Bugs are pure yuck! Several of the people on the comment section of the uploaded youtube clip are seemingly in distress as well.

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Watch the video:

Here are some of their comments below. Read on!

“Ako eversince takot talaga sa ipis lalo na kung lumilipad. Yung tipong kahit di gumagalaw pero alam kong buhay pa, di ako makakilos. Nakakakilabot pag dumapo tas lumakad pa.”

“Para sabihin n Di maarete hahahah kaw n talaga ang artista”

“Tao Lang dn nmn sila ah.porket sikat? Ganern? MGA Ignorante”

“Kadiri naman si Loisa! Sana kinain mo narin”

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