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WATCH: Robin Padilla shares simple life with wife Mariel and daughter Isabella on social media

There is a common belief that celebrities who are seen to be successful on camera, because of their talents and seemingly endless projects, usually live glamorous and lavish lifestyles even behind the camera. Although it may be true that some personalities live lifestyles that are far from a regular individual’s, there are still some that prove that they are simple citizens as well. Robin Padilla is one of them.

Widely – known action star Robin Padilla recently posted a video of himself showing that despite their fame and fortune, he still lives a relatively normal and simple life with his wife, Mariel Rodriguez Padilla, and his youngest daughter, Isabella.

Based on the video, it can be seen that behind their massive home and their fun vacations, the family still spends quality time together just like any other family out there. The video captured Robin playing around with Isabella while she tries to eat her soup by herself on the padded floor while Mariel tries to hold the bowl of hot soup steady.

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The almost two – year – old toddler even tried to feed her parents to join her in eating her meal.

The proud father posted the sweet video capturing the simple moment with his family eating dinner on his social media account. The video was well received by his fans and followers and some could not help but share what they thought in the comments section.

“Ano b yung kinain nila prang my malungay ang simply ng buhay hnd sosyalin ibng mayaman hnd mo mpakain ng gnyan ang cute ni baby ang laki n nya,” one netizen said.

“I like u Mariel kasi di maarte!,sana makita kita sa pag uwi ko galing France!” another netizen said.

“Wow ang sweet ni Daughter Isabelle a verry good girl like parents Good,” one user said.

“Hehe robin n robin galaw at lakad ni baby Isabella… Hihihi love this family..” another user said.

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As for possible future children with Mariel, it seems like it is not possible in their current state. In an interview last June 2018, Robin confirmed that Isabella will be their last child because of Mariel’s health issues.

“She isn’t cut out for pregnancy. Mariel is not like other women who would carry a child and recover well from giving birth.” Robin said.

“She had health problems. She had to inject insulin on herself. At one point, I thought she acquired a heart problem after she gained so much weight. I have enough kids. I’ll just focus on taking care of all of them,” Robin added.

But because of this fact, the family makes sure to cherish each moment with Isabella as if it will be their last making the family truly happy in wherever they are in life and making moments like eating dinner together more memorable than it would have been.

Watch the video:

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Here are the comments from the netizens:

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