JK Labajo posts photo of himself with a wig and makeup

Last October 22, 2018, JK Labajo and Darren Espanto, singers and former “The Voice Kids” contestants, got involved in a tiff on Twitter over a single tweet where Labajo tagged Espanto along with the words “gayness at its finest.”

When Espanto saw the tweet, he immediately confronted Labajo and it sparked the ongoing conflict between the two young stars about gender and what people thought of them – and it seems like it is not stopping anytime soon but is actually escalating.

After a series of direct and indirect tweets between the two singers – and even after other personalities got involved and shared their two cents on the issue – it seems like the two stars have brought their dispute to social media platform Instagram as well.

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After Espanto posted a photo of himself in full – on Harry Potter gear with the caption, “Baka gusto mong ma-Expecto Patronum diyan eh. P.S. May nakita na ba kayong wizard na naka Timbs na sapatos? Ako lang diba?” His fans and followers immediately thought that it was an indirect hit directed towards Labajo. So in response, Labajo posted a photo of himself as well.

“Crush ko,” Labajo posted along with a photo of himself wearing perfectly put on makeup while donning a long, wavy, blonde wig with a flower crown attached.

The photo immediately went viral and earned thousands of likes since he posted it on October 26, 2018. Many of his fans and followers immediately reacted to the photo and shared their thoughts in the comments section.

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“Love this guy! Go JK! At least ur true to urself! Hahahahaha,” one netizen said.

“Wow pang Miss Q & A na yan….gondo at its best!! And I, thank you,” another netizen jokingly said.

However, other netizens were not as happy about how the two stars were dealing with the issue.

“This only shows that Jk has no manners at sad that i admired you jk being so talented..realization,talent is just nothing when you dont have good manners..this only explains your roots..” one user said.

“Alam mo daren wag mo nlng pansinim c jk dahil halata nmn n naiinggit yan sau at tsaka mrami kaming ngmamahal sau idol napakabuti mong bata….wag mo n patulan marami pang blessings darating sau karma yang mga taong walang magawa sa buhay kundi manakit ng kapwa nila,” another user said.

“What is the important thing in this world? To become enemies or to give love and support each other? Sana mag paka matured na lang ng sa ganun walang gulo,the more they talk the more intriga..” one netizen said.

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Here are the comments from the netizens:

What is your take on the JK Labajo and Darren Espanto issue? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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