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Did Carlo Aquino and Angelica Panganiban finally get back together?

For the past months, many people are rooting for the rekindling of romance between Carlo Aquino and Angelica Panganiban. After their separation both in real life and showbiz, the two went on with their separate lives. Until two decades later, they finally reunited in the film “Exes Baggage. Over the course of the movie promotion, their supporters continued to pair them up. No doubt their iconic loveteam has always been bringing ‘kilig’ to the public.

From being childhood friends, they became a couple whose relationship lasted for six years. They also revealed in their “Gandang Gabi Vice” guesting the fact that they had been in a relationship twice. Although they stop being romantically involved with each other, Carlo and Angelica remained to be good friends.

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Following the success of their pair up, many people started to look forward to more developments in their relationship. Since both of them seemed not in a relationship, many saw this as a chance to make “CarGel” happen again for real.

That’s why the online community was shaken up after Angelica uploaded a photo with Carlo on Instagram. The thing which caught the attention of the netizens was the sweet caption she wrote. Her caption read:

“Hindi na matatapos. Lahat ng kaligayahan ngayon, para sayo. Mahal kita.”

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Of course, we couldn’t blame the fans if they immediately concluded that Carlo and Angelica gave their relationship a third chance. However, the two previously clarified that they were taking things slow between them.  After all, it’s really not for the best to form a relationship out of intense pressure from the public.

Meanwhile, here are some of the reactions from the hoping fans.

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