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Is Senator Win Gatchalian really eyeing Bella Padilla as his wife?

Attorney Ferdinand Topacio offers a reward to anyone who will serve as the matchmaker between a senator and an actress. At “Talk Ganern” on DZRH, the attorney expressed that Senator Win Gatchalian’s interest on Bela Padilla. According to him:

“Ang problema kasi ni Senator Win, e, gusto na niya mag-asawa.”
He is offering roundtrip tickets to Hong Kong with accommodation to anyone who could help the senator meet the actress. Based on his own words, Bela Padilla is a woman who is perfect to be a wife of a Senator. As of writing, Senator Win nor Bela has given any response to this bizarre offer.

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“Baka naman kayo makagawa ng paraan na magkakilala sila. Magbibigay ako ng pabuya na trip to Hong Kong pag napakilala nyo si Bela kay Senator Win Gatchalian.”

Attorney Topacio explained that Bela is a very lovely, talented, and intelligent. He mentioned how besides being an actress she is also a screenwriter, which for him was impressive.

One of the many concerned netizens found the offer highly disturbing. According to her, the attorney is in a way pimping the two for offering such “reward.” Some also found it troubling that he announced it confidently to the media without having second thoughts.

The media is now waiting for the 44-year-old senator to give his statement regarding the issue. The public now waits on whether or not the offer is real and how interested he truly is with the actress.

We also wonder how Bela Padilla will react when she learns about the senator’s interest on her. Also, how would she feel knowing about the offer blurted out in public?

The question now is: Is what Attorney Ferdinand Topacio’s offer morally correct?

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