Meet Franshesca Moreno, The Gorgeous Niece Of Shaina Magdayao

We all know for a fact that the showbiz industry is filled with beautiful men and women who are not just good looking but also talented when it comes to acting, singing, and dancing. They have this impeccable beauty, charisma, and awesome personality that lead regular citizens to admire them looks up to them, and idolize them from afar.

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Of course, these celebrities did not acquire their good looks overnight, we also have to consider the fact that these celebrities came from a family with good genes making them acquire such good looks.

One proof of this good looks running on the family’s blood is celebrity sister Vina Morales and Shaina Magdayao. Vina is known for being a good singer, with his unique voice and singing interpretation, it is no doubt how Vina captured the hearts of her avid fans.
Shaina, on the other hand, started as a child actress at a very young age. A lot of viewers noticed her excellent acting skills which landed her into major roles in different movies and television series.
Although both of them excelled in different fields of talent, we could deny the fact that Shaina and Vina are one of the most beautiful faces in the industry. But did you know that they are not the only ones good looking in their family? Of course, good looks run in their blood.

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Netizens now are all eyes on Shaina and Vina’s stunning niece identified as Franchesca Moreno.
Franchesca is the daughter of Vina and Shaina’s other sister, Sheila Magdayao. She first caught the attention of netizens when Shaina would often post a photo with her on social media.
The two are very close as they would often be seen hanging out together and have an aunt-niece kind of bonding although they look very much like sisters or just friends of the same age.
Franchesca got the Magdayao’s signature round eyes and face shape, she particularly stuns due to her natural Filipina sun-kissed morena complexion which has been enhanced naturally since she loves spending time at the beach with her bikinis.

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Looking at Franchesca’s Instagram account, you will also notice that the young lady has a promising curvaceous body that would make her pass as a total beach babe.
But aside from being a bikini-clad who loves hanging out at the beach and surfing the waves, Franchesca is also into Muay Thai. She would often post photos and videos of herself rehearsing self-defense and other Muay Thai moves inside the ring (a clear warning for boys never to mess with this lady, huh?)

Check out some of her beautiful photos below:

SOURCE: philnews

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