Jed Madela’s take on some singers with negative attitude

In a press conference that was held at Don Juan Restaurant in Quezon City, Jed Madela didn’t hesitate on answering some questions from the press about his personal life and career. The press conference was arranged for Jed’s first ever solo concert which is entitled “Higher than High.” It was said that Jed is will be performing at the Araneta Coliseum on November 16 at 8pm for his concert.

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Jed Madela waited for such a long time for this kind of opportunity. He waited for a total of 15 years to finally be on stage while showcasing his remarkable talent in his own concert. To be able to perform in Araneta for his own concert is included in his bucket list. He mentioned how he was very happy that someone took a big risk on him in able to pull off his dream concert. The title of his concert can be very obvious knowing Jed’s astounding talent in singing and also because many people are expecting that he will include songs with some really high notes.

Jed announced the stars that are going to be part of his first ever solo concert. Regine is one of the biggest celebrity that will make an appearance in his concert. Though she has a concert of her own the day after Jed’s concert, she accepted Jed’s invitation. Jed will be also featuring Darren Espanto which is believed to be the younger version of himself in terms of talent in singing. The famous trio of TNT BOYS are also invited as guests whom Jed adores because of their remarkable singing.

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Lea Salonga was also invited to be a part of Jed’s guest who immediately turned down his offer saying that she prefers to watch him instead of performing with him on stage. She said she have already bought VVIP tickets for the concert.
Jed Madela will be accompanied by the ABS CBN Philharmonic Orchestra led by Maestro Gerard Salonga and the Madrigal Singers.
During the press conference, Jed gave his own observation towards some singers who were reportedly showing a negative attitude.

“May mga nakikita ako na sobrang gagaling ng mga talent nila at ang galing mag-perform pero behind the camera, ang sama ng ugali, they don’t know how to say good day.
“Nakakalungkot pa na may nami-meet ako na noong nagsisimula ay bumabati ng ‘hello, kuya!’ Pero noong naka experience na ng konting ingay sa industriya ay dadaanan ka na lang.
Ang lungkot naman na higher than high na rin yung mga kilay nila.
Sabi ko nalang sa sarili ko na baka hindi ako nakita, pero sa laki kong tao, hindi naman pwedeng hindi nila ako nakita.”

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Aside from his dream concert, Jed also wants to perform in a stage musical play and is also wishing to finally found the love of his life. The singer shared his experience of having people in his life that somehow just used him when he tried to be in a relationship. But he’s not losing hope believing that there are still few good people of good intentions and sincerity.
Jed’s concert will feature the beginning of his career, from entering showbiz to his first album titled “I’ll Be Around,” until when he became a participant of the World Championships of Performing Arts in 2005.

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