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Diego Loyzaga’s mom thought by netizens to be his girlfriend

Do you dream to have a hot bod? Would you still be fit even when you get older? Who is your body fitness inspiration? Everybody aspires to have that fit body even as one gets older. And Kapamilya Cutie Diego Loyzaga’s mother Teresa Loyzaga achieved this dream many has thought of.

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The veteran actress was thought to be Diego’s girlfriend that caught the attention of netizens. Diego posted in Instagram a photo of him with a girl next to him on a beach. With the caption “She’s happy so I’m happy too” and with the hotness going on, a lot of people thought that the girl was Diego’s new girlfriend. Miss Loyzaga was wearing a two piece bikini that flaunted her stunning figure. Some commented “Kala ko gf mo na.. sorry Mommy mo pala ang sexy naman,” “Kala ko gf lng. Hahaha.” , and “At first glance akala ko may bagong gf na si diego.” Some thought that she was just his sister.

In this post, Teresa really proved that age is just a number. It doesn’t matter how old you are if you really want to be fit. Among the veteran actresses in the Philippine entertainment industry, she is one of them that still has that youthful glow. Who would even distinguish that she’s Diego’s mom in the first place? You would ask yourself, “How did she even achieve that with her age?”

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Teresa follows a fitness routine with a well-balanced diet that makes her look really young with her age. Plenty left admiration comments on Diego’s post as she is incredibly stunning and such an inspiration. IG user @romina_myr said “Akala ko you edited Gal Gadot to be with you in a photo. Sabi ko ang galing ng editing skills!” and @zander_johan_bostedt commented “Wowwew ang sexy ng mama mo”. Last May, Teresa shared her no gym workout that maintained her figure. As a single mom, she had to be strong, she said she needs to be there for her children. That is why she really tries to jog and workout that can be incorporated to household chores.

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What’s it about being fit that many people aspire to have it that there are numerous mobile applications for fitness and different posts on how to have a healthy diet? This is because a fit body would also indicate a good health of a person. A healthy lifestyle produces a healthy body.

Make Teresa Loyzaga your next fitness inspiration!

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