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Despite of Elmo’s silence, Pia Magalona makes cryptic tweets that caught the attention of netizens

Elmo Magalona’s camp remains silent regarding with Janella’s accusations of getting physically hurt by her on-screen partner. While Elmo keeps his silence about the issue, his mom Pia Magalona posted cryptic tweets last Tuesday, October 23. It was the same day when it was reported that Janella will release her statement about the issue.

Plenty of social media users,] are linking Pia’s tweet with the incident that happened between Janella and Elmo. Pia, who also stands as Elmo’s talent manager, made posts containing an article about fake news from a columnist of Philippine Daily Inquirer named John Nery.

According to Pia, “Fake news” and other forms of disinformation are not [redacted] of information technology; they are human decisions, and follow a certain if cruel logic. Again, the 3Ds: Deliberateness. Disguise. Deception.”

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Pia’s second tweet has something to do with “borderline personality disorder” or BPD. In her tweet she stated, “In borderline personality disorder, devaluation often alternates with idealization. They may shift from great admiration for a loved one — idealization of that person — to an intense [redacted] or dislike towards that person — devaluation of that person.”

Furthermore, according to the article, a person who’s having a BPD uses idealization and devaluation as a form of defense mechanism. Idealization is when a person starts to look up someone and praise him for his deeds while devaluation is the act of finding someone’s flaw in an exaggerated manner.

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A lot of netizens reacted with both of Pia’s tweets. Some of them are linking her tweets with the issue that’s going on between Elmo and Janella. Some netizens urged Elmo to clear his name by releasing a statement regarding the issue.

Here are the comments from the netizens:


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It was just last Wednesday, October 24, when Janella accused Elmo of physically hurting her. In Ricky Lo’s exclusive interview with Salvador, it was said that there have been two incidents where Elmo had been drinking that led to the mistreatment of the young actress.

Do you think Pia’s tweet is related with Janella and Elmo’s issue? Share your comments below.

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