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The Fashion Chameleon: Anne Curtis’ low-cut white dress, vintage purple outfit

There’s no doubt that Anne Curtis is one of the favorite female celebrities to look for fashion inspiration. She could turn herself into from being a dreamy “bubblegum princess” to a rebellious “edgy chic.” She could also easily pull off that “avant-garde” look and vintage “Hollywood glamor” without breaking any sweat.

As we all know, the 33-year-old Kapamilya star didn’t start from looking like these in the past. While she was just starting her showbiz career, Anne was just a baby-faced beauty in shirts and bootcut jeans.

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But today, Anne has successfully transformed herself into one of the most exciting and influential fashion icons in the local entertainment scene. She has become a powerful force to reckon with in terms of personal style, fitness, and pretty much everything else.

Not only did her showbiz career drastically blossom today, but it was also her sense of fashion that also became better over the course of time. As what most people always say about her, Anne has become the “fashion chameleon” of this present generation.

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To prove you that point, Anne recently stormed the social media again when pictures of her wearing a provocatively low-cut white dress and a purple vintage dress with a stylish modern twist circulated online.

Surely, there’s no brainer that Anne is one of the favorite muses of some notable local fashion designers out there. Her ability to transform any outfit into a stylish one is what makes her the ultimate “It Girl” of the social media.

As of now, we can assure that Anne isn’t slowing down anytime soon. And as her spectators, there’s no secret if we are tagging along for that ride.

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Source: Instagram | Metro.Style | Preview 
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