Wealthy Chinese guy threw a tantrum after being rejected in a wedding proposal by the love of her life.

You can have all the wealth in the world but still end up realizing that you can’t buy love and happiness. Love and happiness is a priceless thing. There is no material thing in this world that can bring you the same kind of satisfaction that love and happiness brings.

A wealthy man from Southern China proved that not everything can bought by money. The Chinese man tried to express her love for the woman that she mostly cared about through a marriage proposal featuring a brand new Lamborghini. But shortly after the man proposed, the girl rejected him causing his frustrations to build up and throw an epic tantrum.

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It was said that the incident happened last Saturday of October 26 outside of Wanda Plaza shopping complex in Changsha in the province of Hunan. Hoping that the special woman in her life would say yes, the man bought an orange Lamborghini for the proposal. In can be seen in the video that the man was kneeling before the woman while they were surrounded by several spectators.

“I bought your favorite sports car for you,” said the man. But despite of the grand proposal, the woman immediately turned down the man’s offer and refused to accept it while saying that she was sorry.

In his desperation to change the woman’s decision, the man shouted, “I have money!” He told the woman that he can buy as many cars as she likes and whatever she wants just to marry him.

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For the second time, the man was rejected by the girl but he remained persistent and demanding with his offer while saying, “Don’t go. Marry me!”

After that the woman started to lose her patience and said that she doesn’t care about the guy’s money. The whole crowd was stunned after the woman walked out and left the man hanging.

As the guy was filled with nothing but frustration because of what happened, he threw the bouquet of flowers into the camera’s direction before ruining every products that was on display behind him.

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Netizens had mixed reactions over the video thinking that this could be a part of a marketing strategy of some company and that it was staged.

Here are the comments from the netizens:

Do you think the proposal was staged or the guy was really badly rejected? Share your reactions by posting a comment below.

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