Surveillance camera captures strange entity intruding this family’s house

Nowadays, families install surveillance equipment in their homes to closely monitor their young children. Thanks to this kind of technology, parents could check on their kids wherever they are. However, these cameras could not only record activities of children but also capture unexplained incidents at times.

Take a look at what this father witnessed while watching the live surveillance footage inside his child’s room. In the said video, he monitored the baby while the mother took care of the child. On the right side of the captured clip, the outside of the room was visible on cam.

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Moments later, a strange entity appeared from the side as if peeking. Furthermore, it appeared like a person’s head at first glance. The weird sighting only lasted for few seconds, however, the father clearly noticed it.

As soon as he figured out he saw something eerie, he rushed up to the stairs and personally checked it for himself. To no avail, he failed to see any signs of the stranger who intruded their house.

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Meanwhile, his wife looked confused while he frantically looked around and continued searching. Obviously, even the woman herself had no idea what just happened. It seemed like no one else should be in the house aside from them. That’s why it came as a shock for the father to see the unknown being while monitoring his wife and child.

Although many claimed that it was a ghost, it would still be difficult to prove to everyone that they exist. Still, if unexplainable incidents like this continue to happen, stories about the paranormal would continue to go on in the future.

Meanwhile, people who watched the video were spooked while others questioned the authenticity of the footage.


Watch the video below:

Dad was terrified to find out “stranger” while checking camera installed in his child’s room

Posted by Jorge Abesamis on Friday, October 26, 2018

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PHOTO SOURCES: 1-5 FeedyTV | 6-15 Facebook

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