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Sophie Alberts shares her frightening experience at a convent

It’s the scariest time of the year again which means it’s the perfect time to tell frightening stories. Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP) started a Halloween special wherein they invite local celebrities to tell their scary and unnatural experiences. For their fourth episode, Sophie Albert shared a disturbing experience back when she was living a life of a nun at a convent.

According to the Kapuso star, she decided to stay in a convent for two to three weeks. During her stay, she would do everything nuns typically do on their regular days. She played with kids, took care of the elderly, visit mental institutions, and underprivileged areas.

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Since she was a new addition to the convent, they assigned her to take care of a maximum of three children. One of the kids she was taking care of was, according to her, either mute or deaf. She was giving the child a bath and that’s when the unnatural happened.

Sophie Albert swore that while giving the child a bath, his or her entire body started to jerk as if he or she was having an epileptic attack. Due to her panic, she rushed outside and told the nuns about what was happening, as soon as they heard, they began running to where the child was.

What was peculiar was the fact that when they arrived the child was just playing around with the water as if nothing happened. Sophie started to feel ashamed and thought that they might think she was just lying about the attack.

To her surprise, the nuns told her that they believe her story. They explained to her that when you’re new in living at a convent or starting a holy life, it is normal to experience retaliation. According to them, these experiences only test your bravery and faith in God.

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Sophie Albert is PEP’s fourth featured celebrity on their segment, “Celebrity Katakot Stories.” Before Sophie were Carla Abellana, Bea Alonzo, and “David Licauco.”

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