Make Nadine Lustre’s costumes be your next Halloween peg

One of FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women 2017 Nadine Lustre is known for slaying cosplays especially during November for the Halloween vibe. In most of her throwback photos, she is dressed in different anime characters.

Your next Halloween costume could be her style with black long sleeves top, together with a checkered short-cut skirt. What made it look interesting is the big wings on her back with purple colored feathers. Most of her photos come with a short skirt and blouse with different accents and designs that really made her seem to look like an anime character.

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Not a fan of the anime look? Her recent photos of Halloween costumes are just as elegant as she is and in fact showing off her title as one of the 100 Sexiest Women of 2017. Photos have shown Lustre with black leathered clothing. Different cuts of pants and crop top, dress, and even a onesie like from Angelina Jolie’s action film costumes.

What better way to do costumes but to have a partner, right? And that is just what Lustre does. With her 2 year-relationship with Big Winner of Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash 2010 James Reid, they had the special bond to do partners also during Halloween. One Halloween they dressed up as Nadine’s favorite peg, anime characters. Both look chique in their costumes and you can feel that “kilig” vibe even in their serious poses.

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Last 2016, they celebrated our upcoming occasion in Seoul. This year’s Halloween, they went to Shibuya, Tokyo to celebrate the occasion and also Nadine’s 24th birthday with Reid’s sister Lauren. It’s no different than the other Halloween specials as Nadine and James teamed up again to be in a costume pair. Lauren even posted a photo of the two inside a store posing beside the drinks station. Walking the streets of Shibuya together with other Japan travelers, they showed off their costumes having Nadine and Reid dressed as Rogue and Gambit, respectively on a Tuesday night. Lauren and the other travelers went out to find a store for costumes, and grabbed their own with the different characters they chose. That night they had Deadpool, Snow white, and many others. The streets of Shibuya was filled of people dressed as different characters!

A couple of Filipino celebrities also dress up for event. Some as Maleficent, Wonderwoman, Sailor Moon, Wolverine, the scary clown, some also have spooky prosthetics and makeup.

How about you, what or who will be your next Halloween costume peg?

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