A boy who dubbed Philippines as “bansang madaming tsismosa” draws laughter from many netizens

In every barangay, we can say that there are at least one or two groups of gossipers who always come across each other to talk about several hearsays or news that they heard somewhere. These groups are usually composed by a group of housewives or old women who doesn’t have any past time aside from their daily household chores and taking care of their children.

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Gossiping has been deeply rooted to our Philippine culture. For many Filipinos it became a recreational activity which can also be considered as a source of great entertainment. It also became a way of life for some OFW’s to survive loneliness and fortify their bond with each other. However, gossiping came out in a negative manner when a “tsimoso” or “tsimosa” creates their own version of the story or exaggerate some events to make their story more interesting. It also came out wrong when gossips are made to inflict a damage on other people’s reputation just because of envy.

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A video that was uploaded by a netizen named Ayie Lim Rosit went viral after a boy dubbed the Philippines as “bansang madaming tsismosa.” The five year old boy was known as Neomar Rosit who happens to be a contestant of the competition of their school in Quiapo, Manila. The contest was a part of a celebration of United Nations Month where the contestants are required to represent a country of their own choice. Neomar went up to the stage while holding a Philippine flag and wearing a polo barong to represent his own country. The boy started his introduction by greeting the chairwoman and barangay councilors of their place. After he introduced himself, the audience who were watching the event burst into laughs after saying that he came from a country that has many gossipers.

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Watch the video:

"Ako po si NEOMAR ROSIT, Mula sa bansang madaming chismosa PILIPINAS."😂😂😂😂

Posted by Ayie Lim Rosit on Sunday, October 21, 2018

The video earned many laughs from our netizens because of the boy’s hilarious introduction. As of writing the video has already garnered a total of 1.6 million views, 27K reactions, and 39,230 shares.

Here are some of the comments of our netizens:

Is it true that many Filipinos are tsismoso or tsismosa? Share your reactions by posting your comments below.

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