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Baby Tali’s Yaya is acknowledge as part of Vic and Pauleen Sotto’s Family

Family is everything. Family is the one that enriches us as we grow older – from birth to old age; it is the group of people we care about; it is the go-to-people that will hold us together through thick and thin, and help us resolve our problems. Family is not enclosed to just mother, father, and siblings, having an extended family would be the best!

People coming from our extended family can be our friends, our coworkers, our teachers, our mentors. But in this article, the most commonly known extended family is appreciated even if not part of the small circle of the family.

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Posted on Instagram are the pictures and videos of Pauleen and Vic Sotto’s recent vacation in Amanpulo. They were on the beach together with their cute little baby, Tali. We all know that as actors, both Pauleen and Vic have much of a hectic schedule with tapings and shooting space, good thing they have Yaya Lilian who they really trust to take care of Tali, who was also with them during the vacation.

Seen in Pauleen’s highlights in IG are the pictures and videos of the beach, the scenery, the experience, and most especially, baby Tali who is viewed with the love and care of her Yaya Lilian. Pauleen uploaded videos of Baby Tali and Yaya Lilian having a great bond, with Yaya Tali carrying the baby and both laughing in the cutest way.

Not only is Yaya Lilian part of the vacation, she is also a big part of the family. How sweet it is of Pauleen and Vic to include her in their family pictures, and even put a caption of “Family is everything <3 (Yes, including our extended family, Yaya Lilian).”

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According to sciences, early child development contributes greatly to an individual’s life. Starting from physical growth, as well as her ability to learn the social, emotional, behavior, thinking and communication skills, that advances greatly as a child ages. That is why, the care, love and protection that Yaya Lilian gives to Baby Tali is more than enough for her best development with the busy schedules of both the parents. And the greatest thing of all is that Pauleen and Vic acknowledges Yaya Lilian’s efforts.

What we should also note here is that although both Poleng and Bossing Vic are occupied with showbiz life, they do not forget to spend time with their Baby Tali, because again, family is everything.

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