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Another video of “paano mo nasabi” guy has surfaced online

A man who’s also known for his “paano mo nasabi” line became an internet sensation overnight because of his unusual behavior that caused confusion to the media while he was being interviewed. The man was caught by the police for being the number one suspect for an unlawful act that involves two waitresses as his victims.
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His viral video became a quick hit that gained a lot of attention from the netizens. Today, he is one of the most popular meme in the country and is often imitated by some netizens in their posts, tweets and even in their private conversations.
The netizens referred to him as “paano mo nasabi” because it was the only thing that came out of his mouth while being interviewed by the press. His video became viral and produced a lot of parodies of different versions from our netizens.

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A few weeks later, a photo of him surfaced online with some policemen that shows improvements in his body compared from the last time that he was seen by the public. During those times he is believed to be depending on unlawful substance that’s why he looked so skinny. A lot of netizens had fun of the man’s photo after noticing that his hair have already grown a little longer which can be remembered that he quickly shaved it before to avoid some charges and disguise himself from the police.

He was also featured on a photo with a girl while he was taking a peace sign pose behind bars.
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Another video of him surfaced online where he can be seen eating a piece of bread while laughing. It is heard in the background of the video that some people are convincing him to say his famous line once again but the man chose to ignore their requests. It seems that the man is finally back to his normal self and is now behaving like a regular citizen.

Watch the video:

Ang bait nya na ngayon, hindi nya na masabi yung magic word.. haha!

Posted by Hanep TV on Thursday, October 25, 2018

It can be concluded that it was the same man who were featured in the photos and videos because for some reason he’s been wearing the same shirt over and over again.
As of writing the video has garnered a total of 987K views, 16K reactions and 29,467 shares.

What do you think of his current behavior? Share your reactions by posting your comments below.

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