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Chinese woman injures her hand due to excessive use of smartphone

At first, modern technology had more positive effects on people’s lives than negative. However, due to us taking advantage of these great technologies, it has become very hazardous for our health. Today, a person would prefer to use his or her smartphone than walking or taking an adventure outside. Many have turned into introverts knowing that they could still have fun on their own without leaving home. Dating greatly changed as well, because instead of meeting someone face-to-face, they choose Facetime instead.

In China, a woman rushed herself in the hospital due to her inability to move her fingers. The cause of her injury was none other than her excessive use of her smartphone device.

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Yes, it’s possible. This woman from Changsha decided to take a week off from work to “relax” and “unwind.” But, instead of doing all that, she used her week off to browse the web, use social media, and probably to Netflix and chill. According to the report from Pear Video, the only time the woman let her phone go was during bedtime.

The unidentified woman first started to feel severe pain in her right hand. She eventually lost the ability to move her fingers properly and got stuck in the same position she holds her phone. Because of this, she decided to seek medical attention and care at a local hospital.

After running a few tests, her doctor diagnosed her of Tenosynovitis. It is an inflammation of the fluid-filled sheath (synovium) that surrounds a tendon. It may be caused either by an infectious or noninfectious illness like diabetes, arthritis, or overuse. Tenosynovitis often results in joint pain, swelling, and stiffness.

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The doctor advised the woman as well as other people to watch their smartphone usage. He reminded everyone that our hands also need rest just like how the rest of our body does. But, for the woman, as soon as she was able to move her fingers again, the first thing she did was take her phone and use it again.

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