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Passenger argues with a taxi driver who was asking for three times their fare

All taxis the roam around the metro are required to have an operating metered fare. This is to let both the passenger and driver to know exactly how much the trip would cost. In the Philippines, there had been a lot of issues between a passenger and a taxi driver. Apparently, some of the drivers ask for more than what amount was on their meters.

On Facebook, a netizen named Lea Coronel shared her experience with an unbelievable taxi driver. Apparently, the driver did not inform them that he was to charge them the amount from the meter multiplied by the number of passengers, which for them was three.

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According to Lea, she and two others were on their way to Quezon Avenue from Pasay. They tried to hail a taxi twice but both drivers refused due to the heat. When the third taxi came, the only question he asked was where they were heading and how many they are.

When they reached Fishermall in Quezon Ave., the meter was at 253 pesos and the driver said:

“Kahit 250 na lang.”

Lea handed him a one thousand peso bill and was given back PHP 250 as change. Lea did not realize that what the driver meant was that he was charging them PHP 250 per head. Because of this, they started to have an argument.

The arrogant driver sounded like he was the one who was getting fooled when in fact him asking for more than what on the meter was illegal and may be reported to the authorities. By the end of it, the driver told them to just give him PHP 500 instead. Upon receiving the money, Lea said that he was evidently irritated.

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This is an example of a situation wherein as a passenger, you should know your rights. There are many, but not all, public transportation drivers who tend to take advantage of their passengers by charging them unfairly. And when that happens, do not be afraid to file a report to the respective authorities.

Here are some of the netizens’ reactions to the story:

Posted by Lea Coronel on Tuesday, October 23, 2018

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