#PROUDPINOY Meet Kyla Fajardo, the gorgeous Pinay LA Clipper dancer

If there is one thing that can be proud of being a Filipino who was born and raised in the Philippines, what would that be? Well, you will definitely have a long list of characteristics and personalities in mind that makes you proud as a Filipino, some of them include our resiliency in times of disaster, our “Bayanihan” culture, the Filipinos ability to adapt to other culture and language, and of course, our strong love for our country.

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Aside from these positive traits, one of the many things that makes a Filipino proud about their nation is our world-class talent, be it singing, dancing, acting, and other unique talents, Filipinos have one person who can represent our country on top.
Dancing is one of the many talents every Filipino has; we have this natural groove that makes us stand out among other nations, our overflowing passion for the craft is shown whenever we hit the dance floor.

Another Filipina dancer is once again making us proud after landing to an international dance floor. Meet Kyla Fajardo, a Los Angeles Clippers dancer.
All eyes are now on the 18-year-old dancer who was born and raised in Bulacan but is now based in Los Angeles. Both of her parents are Filipino who hailed from Malolos, Bulacan, but she still has some relatives back home who are based in Manila.

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Just like any other Filipina, Kyla also possesses this “superwoman” attitude because she juggles being an LA Clipper dancer with being a student and a part-time model.
Apparently, Kyla has been dancing for the NBA team for almost two years now and her solid background in dancing since she was still a schoolgirl made her land the job she loves.

“I’ve been a Clippers Spirit dancer for two years now. I’ve always been into dancing since middle school through high school and one of my coaches actually used to be a Clipper dancer so she pushed and helped me a lot,” Kyla said during an exclusive interview with
But Kyla said that being an LA Clipper dancer did not happen to her overnight as she has to go through the tedious process just like any aspirants.

“The process is actually very hard and there’s about 200 trying out every year and there are three different phases and the last 20 makes the team,” she added.
Kyla shared that although she dances a little bit of ballroom which she acquired from watching her parents (O, Filipino moms loves ballroom!), the majority of her dancing background focuses on hip-hop.

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When asked about what the best part of being an LA Clipper dancer, this is what Kyla has to say: “The best part is having the bond with all the girls after going through everything just to make it to the team. It makes me happy knowing that I made friendships that will last forever and no matter what, these girls got my back in hard times.”

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