Pia Wurtzbach Is Slimmer Than Her Miss Universe Days Accoding To Some Netizens

Many Filipinos are weight conscious. This is an improper mindset because we all know that weight does not define a person. But weight is so much of a big deal for many people that many of us are conscious not of our own weight but on other people’s weight. Although we know that it may be offensive, but some of us give comments about one’s weight without hesitation.

It has been three years since Pia Wurtzbach bagged the 2015 Miss Universe title. Her winning moment will be forever memorable because of the iconic mistake that the host of the pageant, Steve Harvey, committed. Many Filipinos are very proud because Pia brought such prestigious award for the country.

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Even though years had passed since Pia was given the crown, many Filipinos still see her as the gorgeous queen who walked confidently with a heart during the pageant. There are so many issues which involved Pia but she did not let these negative things influence her attitude as a royalty.

But recently, the beauty queen was set under controversy after she was criticized with her present weight. In an Instagram post where she is very happy sharing her little moment, she was slammed by some netizens just because she looked skinnier than the time she won Miss Universe.

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This was her post:

“Cooking is one of my favorite hobbies! And one of the dishes I love preparing is pasta! It’s my comfort food and I drink (at)aquafinaph after each meal. (at)ricciiirivero, are you up for your #BestBeginsNow Challenge — can you whip up your favorite dish in the kitchen? Can’t wait for a taste test…and don’t forget to tag me.”

Some social media user pointed out that she has more curves before than her body now. Some of them even said that they do not like how she weighs now because for them, a real beauty queen has the “standard” weight considered as “beautiful” by many.

Meanwhile, there are others who still think that Pia is still very beautiful despite her weight loss.

Here are the comments from the netizens:

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Source: Instagram

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