Daryl Ong shares his two cents on the issue between Darren Espanto and JK Labajo

Last October 22, 2018, former “The Voice Kids” contestant Darren Espanto took to Twitter to clarify a tweet supposedly made by JK Labajo that said “gayness at its finest.” after tagging Espanto. This tweet sparked the recent misunderstanding between the two artists that has already escalated to possibly include formal charges.

In the midst of this issue, ABS – CBN singer Daryl Ong decided to share his two cents on the issue by posting a screenshot of his lengthy post on Twitter. He never dropped any names but simply used the issue being discussed to share his thoughts on being an artist and their gender.

“If I was the one accused of being gay, hindi siguro ako magaaksaya ng panahon mag react lalo na kung alam ko naman na hindi totoo, at kung nagkataon mang totoo, eh ano naman? Ano ngayon? Pag bakla ka ba [redacted] ka? Does it make you less of a person? Less of an artist? Pag bakla ka ba nababawasan ba galling at kakayahan mo sa kung saan mang larangan ka nakikipag sapalaran? Nabawasan ba talino mo?” Ong said.

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“Just as being straight, does it make you more righteous? Less “sinful”? Ganun bay un? Natitimbang ba, nababase ba ang bigat ng kasalanan at kakulangan sa pamamagitan ng kasarian?”

“Di ko kase talaga gets bakit hanggang ngayon na 2018 na, may mga public figure parin na nagpapanggap maging lalake, tapos pag na issue, papalag-palag. Ano ba binebenta mo? Talent mo o kasarian mo. Bat kelangan pa kase magpanggap. Bat di nalang magpaka-totoo. Masarap maging totoo sa sarili at sa maraming tao. Mas masarap yung niyayakap ka ng tao kung sino ka talaga.” Ong added.


His tweet was not completely well – received by netizens on social media though, some even saying that he completely missed the point of the issue, and received a lot of backlash. He immediately tweeted a follow up to clarify what he posted.

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“Hey guys, it was just an open thought. No hate here. Ang point ko is pagiging totoo sa sarili NO MATTER WHAT. Yun lang. wala akong inaakusahan. I just shared my perspective AYON SA NASAKSIHAN KO SA LOOB for the past 4 years.” Ong tweeted.

This did not stop the negative tweets from coming though and some even managed to bring up his child to which he immediately responded with another tweet.

“Nag labas lang ako ng opinion dinamay pa anak ko. Wala naman akong pinangalanan. Tsk tsk. Masyadong defensive naging offensive na hehe.” Ong jokingly tweeted.

Both Espanto and Labajo did not respond to any of Ong’s tweets but since the feud started, Espanto has apologized about his negative use of the term “bakla” in his tweets but subtly said that this issue might be further taken to court.

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What do you think about this ongoing issue between these ABS-CBN singers? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Source: Inquirer

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