2-Year-Old Daughter Suffers Due To Battery

Every parent must take an extra care when it comes to their child’s health issues. No matter how minor a certain concern is, the kid’s folks must take immediate action in response to this. Knowing their system, a child is more vulnerable to illnesses compared to adults. This is the reason why vitamins and vaccines are recommended. Aside from these, parents must also look after their children in whatever they do at home. Even if the young ones are in their own surroundings, they are still prone to danger. Take note that some household items may look safe to adults but these may be already risky for the little kids.

In a Facebook post by Health For All Kids, they showed a video which opened the eyes of many parents all over the web. It showed the story of how a set of parents from Oklahoma recently lost their daughter due to a small battery.

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According to the story, 2-year-old Brianna was with her grandfather most of the time while her parents were at work. She was already suffering from fever then, but everyone thought that it was just a regular illness which would eventually clear soon. But shortly after this symptom, Brianna turned blue. Everyone became more alerted when the kid started throwing up some blood–and as recommended by the doctor, they brought her to a radiologist for an x-ray. The result left everyone in shock.

A small, round battery was found in Brianna’s x-ray result. The doctor believed that Brianna swallowed the foreign object 6 days before she was rushed to the hospital. The kid was immediately taken to surgery which lasted for 2 hours. Unfortunately, it was too late to stop the bleeding. She took her last breath when everyone in the room was doing their best. Apparently, the battery had six days to destroy Brianna’s arteries. This was the reason why the bleeding did not stop.

Unfortunately for a set of parents in Oklahoma, their worst nightmare became a reality when their toddler died. The two-year-old was rushed to a hospital after she unexpectedly began to turn blue, and when doctors ordered an x-ray, they realized that she was dying for a frighteningly simple reason. Every parent should be aware of this!

Posted by Health For All Kids on Tuesday, March 6, 2018

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May this story be a reminder to every parent to take double actions when looking after their children.

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