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Stranger Things: Man experiences paranormal anomaly in his room

There are only two types of people when it comes to paranormal anomalies: the people who actually believe that supernatural entities really exist and the other people who are skeptical about it.

If you’re are one of those people who have a hard time believing it, you might want to consider looking at this “very disturbing” video circulating on social media.

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As seen in an actual footage, it showed man sleeping inside his room. At first, it seems like it was just a random video. But as the footage progresses, “stranger things” started to unfold.

Based on the actual video, the man was sleeping in his room when his blanket suddenly moved in a very creepy way. Form the looks of it, the blanket was turned over while the man was sleeping soundly on his bed. Meanwhile, the curtain on the nearby window was gradually pulled aside.

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Just when you thought that these were all it, a spine-chilling silhouette of a woman suddenly passed by the window out of the blue. The unidentified woman then stared at the sleeping man for a few moments and disappeared eventually afterward.

After all that, the man woke up and didn’t understand what had just happened. Although we can’t really tell if it was true or not, a lot of people who saw it really experienced goosebumps.

How about you? Do you actually believe that it’s true?

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Source: Feedy TV 
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