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2-month-old baby surprises his mom with unusual growing fangs

For babies, it usually takes every six months for every four teeth to grow. Girls often tend to grow teeth first before boys and the lower teeth grow first before the upper. Primary teeth also known as baby teeth are smaller and whiter than our permanent teeth. At the age of six or seven is when children start to lose their primary teeth. For baby Oscar, however, at two months old, he surprisingly grew out fangs that worried his mother.

Tara O’Bryne rushed her baby to the hospital immediately after seeing his sharp fangs. First, she rushed him to the Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital where she experienced meeting very unprofessional doctors.

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At Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, instead of giving the baby immediate care, they began a debate on the boy’s condition. For people of medicine, this is also something unexpectedly incredible, nonetheless, their job is to tend to a patient’s needs, which they did not do.

Because of this, Tara transferred to a nearby hospital named Temple Street Hospital instead. Here is where she and her baby was given to a dentist to check her boy’s condition.

The dentist removed Oscar’s fangs, according to Tara:

“We got an appoinment and brought him in. I had to hold him and hold his arms down while she took the tooth out.”

The suction from the procedure suddenly caused the tooth to go up Oscar’s nose.

“I had to wind him to get it out, but he was okay.”

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Tara said that before and during the procedure, dentists came in and out to take pictures of the tooth. She also took Oscar and the tooth home saying she’ll show it to him someday. She admitted that at first, she and her husband found it terrifying but eventually warmed up to the idea. They were able to see it’s funny side adding up to the fact that Halloween is coming up real soon.

Read the reactions of the netizens below:

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