OFW and her Arab employer use funny hand gestures to communicate

Being an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) is never an easy job. Aside from working, Filipinos have to adjust to the culture and climate of another country. However, things get harder when they also struggle to communicate using a different language.

Countries in the Middle East accept OFWs even without having full knowledge of the Arabic language. As long as you can communicate in English, it would be possible to enter high-paying jobs. The only downside of this is when an OFW and the employer couldn’t understand each other because of the language barrier.

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Just take a look at what happened to this Filipina worker and her boss who resorted to hand gestures just to get their message across.

In a Facebook post entitled “No Arabic, No English”, it showed an Arab employer talking to the OFW. Unfortunately, their conversation was not going anywhere since the OFW was clueless in Arabic while her employer, on the other hand, couldn’t understand English.

We bet you will never guess the age of this youthful-looking mom of two!

Although their situation seemed hopeless, the two found a way to properly interact. The employer continued talking in Arab but this time he matched it with exaggerated hand gestures. As seen in the video, he ordered the OFW to make a lemon juice for him since he was sick.

As expected, she looked confused while trying to decipher his command. No wonder the Arab almost did the lemon juice himself when he demonstrated to her how it should be done. In the end, she finally found out what her employer asked her to do.

Definitely, most OFWs experience the same thing. They really deserve a salute for their hard work to overcome work challenges like this.

Meanwhile, people online appreciated the effort and patience of the employer to the OFW.

Watch the video below:

LOL | Buhay OFW!

Buhay OFW! Yung Hindi Ka Maintindihan ng Amo Mo! At Hindi Mo rin sila maintindihan.

Posted by OFW News Portal on Sunday, September 16, 2018

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