This Beautiful And Sexy Pinasy Is Dubbed As The Queen Of Tiktok

Because of the advancement in modern technology, we are now exposed to different social media networking sites, websites, applications and many more. These innovations help us in many ways because of the personal and social effects they can give. Of all the effects that these innovations could give us, the convenience and entertainment value we can get help us in our daily lives.

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One of the most entertaining and most fascinating things we do with mobile applications is dubbing. Dubbing became very famous because of the emergence of applications such as DubSmash and TikTok. The mechanics that you have to follow is very simple. What you have to do is to choose a song or a movie line you want to dub. Face the camera and then you can do you art right there and there.

There are many people who become famous in dubbing. Maine Mendoza is one of the famous celebrities today who became successful in her career because of her ability in doing such great dubbings. One of the newest dubbers who is getting the attention of many social media users today is Shyr Balagtas.

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Shyr is now titles as the Queen of Tiktok because of her entertaining short videos. Many social media users started to flock on her account to wait for her latest dub video. Her natural talent to dub and her natural ability to strike classic poses on Tiktok make her more loveable and more adorable.

The queen did not only gather the attention of many social media users because of her beauty and appeal. Who would not love her gorgeousness anyway? There is no valid reason why someone would hate this beautiful lady. You could actually put her in any angle.

What’s the best thing about her is that she knows her humor very well. She knows how to play her emotions so she could bring fun and pure entertainment to her viewers.

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Watch her video below:

Source: Youtube

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