This Man Found Honeycomb Inside A Tire Of An Old Tractor

There are times when we have to store the things we do not need in a particular place. Although a certain thing is already broken and ready to be replaces, we have this particular habit of keeping them first and then saying to ourselves that we will fix them so they could be useful again.

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However, this is not happening most of the time. We tend to forget about things we store and we end up storing them for months and even for years. We tend to completely forget that we hid something or we store something that we want to fix. The ending sometimes is more than that.

Recently, a video became the center of attraction from social media users after it showed how a man discovered something in the tire of an old tractor stored in a vacant lot probably for years already. Initially, the man suspected that the tire contains something because of its appearance and when he moved closer, he found out that he was not wrong.
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At first, the man was staring at the tire of the tractor. It can be seen that bees are surrounding the tires. It is very obvious that hundreds of these bees are present and they are going inside and outside the tire, They are using the small space to go and out of it. The bees can be seen very busy while flying and buzzing around.

Moments later, the man decided to cut open the tire and there he discovered a colony of these bees. The colony was so huge that it almost ate up the whole space inside the tire. Hundreds of bees are seen buzzing inside the tires and they are very hardworking to do so.

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According to websites and blogs who published the discovery, they claimed that the colony was actually a colony of a honeycomb. Honeycombs are known for being sweeter than the regular honey. References also claimed that the honey was made of 60%-70% sugar and the rest is water and protein.

Watch the video below:

LUMANG gulong, sinubukang buksan at ito pala ang laman

grabe ang lake!! CTTO

Posted by Titos and Titas of Manila on Sunday, October 14, 2018

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