Kind strangers fulfilled their promise of celebrating an old man’s birthday

Nowadays, we live in a society full of judgmental people. Let’s be honest, many had easily judge others by their appearance. Due to this, many have developed this mindset that all people with shabby clothes and greasy appearance should be avoided at all costs. Little did we know, the person we were trying to avoid for his filthy appearance could actually have good intentions. Take this old man as an example.

A group of people witnessed his good intentions while filming their documentary. Apparently, the old man has always been volunteering to collect garbage from nearby houses. Moreover, he was also cleaning the dirty creeks in the area.

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It was really commendable of him to do such thing without getting paid in return. However, some people still view him as someone crazy just because of his appearance. His clothes were dirty but his heart was pure and kind.

Good thing, the group he met decided to give him a small treat for his hard work. When his birthday came, they surprised him with a cake and candle. The group captured this adorable moment in the viral video they posted.

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As seen in the clip, he really looked delighted while many people gathered around as they sang “Happy Birthday” to him. He even sang along with them with a huge smile plastered on his face.

However, he carried noticeable stuff with him which were old certificates and photos. According to the uploader, he brought it to prove to everyone that he was not crazy in contrary to what others might have said.

People should really learn not to degrade others because of their appearance. The old man is an educated person who knew how to help others. Hopefully, his story would serve as a lesson to the judgmental society we live in today.

Meanwhile, netizens praised these people for their kind act. While many also hope for the old man to have a more comfortable life.

Watch the video below:

Posted by Marie Espiritu on Friday, October 12, 2018

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