Abra Performed On Stage Right After He Woke Up

A performer is expected to give all his best during his appearance on stage. Professional performers know very well that no matter how long they will perform on stage, as long as there are people waiting to hear their talent, they will have to prepare for it for a long period of time.

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Performing is not as simple as singing or dancing. It requires the person’s ability to give his heart and show his passion to the audience. It also requires a performer to show the art of what he is doing and to send the message that he wants to send. This requires full preparation so they could be successful with their goal.

But have you know a performer who performed passionately and intensely even though he just woke up? Better learn from the Filipino rapper, Abra.
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In an article published by PEP, Abra was reportedly missing minutes before his supposed 9:00-9:45PM show in Globe Auditorium, BGC Arts Center in Taguig City. Abra was set to perform for the concert, Pinoy Playlist 2018 and this concert is one of the most prestigious and most historical events in the music scene.

According to the organizers of the show, the rapper was still missing at 8:05 when he is supposed to be performing at 9:00PM. It was discovered that he fell asleep. Fortunately, he was able to perform at the exact time he is supposed to. His handler admitted to the press that his body clock has changed lately because he likes to be awake in the evening while getting all the sleep he needs in the morning.

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Although Abra just woke up, he was still able to pull off such a wonderful performance full of power and passion. His fans were very happy to see him on stage. Meanwhile according to PEP, Abra is very thankful for the organizers of the show and for the big companies who fund these kinds of events.


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