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Regine Velasquez Shares Experience Of Counting Son’s Saved Coins

Saving money is a very important practice that we should all learn. For some people, saving money should be taught to children as young as toddlers so they will know how to do this properly. For financial experts, the best thing you should have is savings. It could help you in many different ways you could ever imagine.

In the Philippines, savings is being taught to young children through the elderlies’ introduction of how to use “alkansya” or piggy bank. Filipino kids love to save their coins and their extra paper bills to these makeshift coin banks. Famous coin banks for Filipinos are made in bamboo tree and sometimes made of a fragile material such as clay, the ones being used to make plant pots.

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Elderlies ask young children to save their extra coins to the bank so that they will be able to buy the toys they want on Christmas or as soon as they filled their coin banks. Opening a bank account for children is also acceptable but this is not what Filipino kids regularly use to save their money.

Many children join the practice of saving money and even the children of the most famous celebrities in the showbiz industry practices this very important financial planning. What’s good about this is that children are being taught financial planning at a young age although they do not realize that by the time coin banks are first introduced to them.

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Nathan Alcasid, son of Filipino singers Regine Velasquez and Ogie Alcasid probably knows exactly what is the result of saving a lot of coins. In an Instagram post, Regine is very supportive to her one and only dear son that she and her husband became very busy counting coins for Nate. She captioned the post with, “Kami ay napag utusang bilangin ang ipon ni Boo #myBoongal#anghirapkaya @ogiealcasid”\

Many social media users expressed their support to the loving parents as they claimed that Regine and Ogie is doing well in raising their kid as they teach him how to save money at a very young age. They also pointed out that Nate would be a good son in the future because his parents’ love is genuine and everlasting.

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