Queenie Padilla shows the face of her daughter for the first time

Robin Padilla’s daughter, Queenie Padilla is in the Philippines to visit Kylie Padilla. With her are her husband, Usama Mir, and their daughter. For the first time ever, Queenie finally shared to her Instagram followers the face of her beautiful daughter. In the photo were her family with KylieAljur Abrenica, and their son, Alas Joaquin Abrenica.

The photo did not show the full appearance of their baby, but the netizens were able to tell that she was indeed beautiful. Queenie’s husband also shared photos of them with a glimpse of their daughter on his Instagram account.

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“The whole world just stops. It’s just you and the positive energies you absorb. And the stars, the galaxies, the planets revolve around you.”

This was the caption of Queenie’s Instagram post.

Last February 2018, Queenie and Usama shared their love story through a popular game on Youtube called “Husband/Wife Tag.In the video, they were able to share how they met and fell in love.

For Queenie, she claimed she knew she loved him before she even met Usama in person.

“I fell in love with you before I met you in person. We were talking, I (was) in love with how you were so passionate about Islam and I really felt that you were a good person.”

Usama was able to discuss how, as a couple, they had cultural differences.

“Cultural difference. Like when she feels like something weird happened, I explained to her. Application of that things is different here as compared to your culture. I try to make her understand that it’s not the same as you think.”

Regardless of the cultural differences they have and any other differences, they managed to be married for over four years now. It was only last year when Usama was able to meet the father of his wife and it was in July 2017 when their daughter was born.


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Queenie and her family’s sudden visit to the country led to speculations regarding Kylie and Aljur tying the knot. According to KAMI, Queenie’s mother, Liezl Sicangco is also in the country which added more to the speculation.

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