This Girl Went Viral Because Of Her McDonald’s Pictorial

Product marketers and advertisers use different techniques to market their product or to convince the public to consume their brands. In fact, there are a lot of advertising agencies in the world and their ultimate goal is to influence the purchasing decisions of the public so that their brand or product will be the one at the top of the mind of their target consumer.

One of the most effective and most proven way to advertise a product is to use an influencer or a product endorser. Product endorsers are usually celebrities or famous personalities because they are deemed effective in sending the message that the brand wants to send.

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Not only this but using an endorser is already hitting a definite target market. These endorsers often have huge fan bases who are willing to support their idols. Supporting their idols mean consuming the products they are endorsing. And because of this nuance, many advertisers believe with the power of celebrities or personalities.

But marketers and companies should be smart in choosing their preferred advertiser. They have to make sure that the endorser is suited to the image of the brand. This falls down with the subject of targeting. If they want to target mothers, they should be using an endorser who is a mother so that the fans of this endorser may be composed of mothers like herself.

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Recently, a viral social media post started to gain attention from social media users because of its bold and intense advertising campaign. The post gained mixed reactions from the people who saw what seems to be an ad. Although people are already assuming that the photos are part of the product campaign, there are people who remain doubtful if the post is indeed connected with the brand it endorses.

The campaign involves a sexy model named Nilawan Iamchuasawad. The model poses in her very sexy outfit as she portrays to be eating a product from a very famous fastfood chain. The post went extremely viral as it divides the opinions and thoughts of many social media users.

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See the post below:

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