Jay Sonza Speaks About Gretchen Fullido’s Case Against ABS-CBN News Execs

The media is one of the most credible and reliable news source. Many people depend on media networks, personnel and reporters when it comes to their daily dose of journalism. The public is not the only beneficiary of the power of media to reach out to a wide audience. For many viewers, what they see on media and on TV is sometimes what they refer to as the truth.

That is why it is considered a huge circus when media personalities and acclaimed journalists became the news themselves. Imagine how the public reacts when their news afternoons are filled with stories of media practitioners suing each other.

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The Filipino people were shocked when ABS-CBN entertainment anchor and news reporter Gretchen Fullido her own bosses, ABS-CBN News executive Cheryl Favila and news segment producer, Maricar Asprec. This is in line of the claims that Gretchen experienced violations against her human rights. According to her complaint, Gretchen received remarks from her bosses that made her comfortable as a woman.

The news did not only shock the public but it also shocked the industry as well. Left and right articles following up the story started to circulate and there are celebrities and personalities who already gave their comments regarding the matter.

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Acclaimed journalist Jay Sonza also aired out his opinion regarding the issue. Jay, together with Mel Tiangco, became a very controversial figure when ABS-CBN filed complaint against them as the huge media company accused them of transferring to GMA-7 without proper settlement of their records and contracts in ABS-CBN.

Jay and Mel had their show in ABS-CBN but it ended when ABS-CBN suspended Mel Tiangco for appearing in a detergent commercial without ABS-CBN management’s approval. Their issue started and it resulted to Mel’s transfer to GMA-7.

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This experience brought Jay to air out his own opinion regarding Gretchen’s case versus ABS-CBN News execs.

“expect abs-cbn to launch a massive vilification campaign vs. ms. gretchen fulido. that has always been their brand when an employee seek legal, labor or judicial redress.
they did that ms. ruth abao.
they did that to ms. mel tiangco.
they did that to tiya dely.
they did that to dozens of their other employees.
tatak ng abs-cbn iyan. kapag may nagreklamo, sisiraan iyong pobreng empleyado sa public thru their paid showbiz writers, in-house PR machinery and their hired law firms.
i should know. have been there for ten years.”

expect abs-cbn to launch a massive vilification campaign vs. ms. gretchen fulido. that has always been their brand when…

Posted by Jay Sonza on Saturday, October 6, 2018

Meanwhile, in a 2013 PEP interview with Mel Tiangco, she claimed that her legal battle against ABS-CBN is the most bitter experience she ever had in her life.

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