Empowering Twitter post made by Filipina catches international attention

The idea of self-love seems to escape the minds of young people today. You can’t deny that the people of this generation struggle with keeping their mental health in check. Issues regarding the societal standards of beauty heavily burden the shoulders of human beings everywhere. This is why we can’t help but love the encouraging Twitter post that a Filipina named Alex Durog shared.

Bored Panda, an international creative community, wrote a story on the inspiring words of this UP graduate. Hopefully, her words will transcend to each and everyone who is fighting a battle with insecurity.

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Alex Durog mentioned that her Twitter post was directed to her girlfriend. It appears as though it was their anniversary and Alex wanted to make her special someone feel good. Who would’ve thought that her words would also touch the hearts of millions of people all over the world?

The theme of her post talks about a different kind of beauty. When people convince their selves that they aren’t beautiful, let them see how other people look at them.

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Sometimes, we forget that our own eyes can deceive us. The moments when we look at ourselves in the mirror aren’t always what’s true about us. We have a lot of people surrounding us that can vouch how beautiful we are especially during the times when we have fun.

One of our personal favorites in the posts that Alex shared was this:

“I guess that’s why it’s so easy for people to say they’re ugly because they’ve never seen themselves in the smallest moments, in the ordinary, and still be beautiful.”

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Source: Bored Panda
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