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Young woman almost loses her life while taking a selfie

Some people do crazy stuff while taking a selfie. They will do anything come high or hell water just to capture the perfect angle, best lighting, and most striking pose for a selfie. Sometimes, they don’t care if the stunt that they are doing or the ideas that they are thinking might put their lives into greater risk. If you are hesitant to believe it, you might want to check out this viral video on social media.

Based on the “alarming” viral video that is currently circulating on Facebook today, it showed a young woman who almost lost her life in the sea. According to the caption of the said Facebook post, the young lady was apparently taking a selfie in a barge when she inadvertently lost her balance and fell off directly to the sea.

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As seen on the short clip, some concerned passengers of the barge immediately jumped into the water and tried to rescue the poor girl. Luckily, the rescuers successfully brought her into the barge again. Then, some men tried to perform a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to save her life.

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At the end of the viral video, there’s no clear proof if the young woman was alive or not. The only thing that people were saying during that time was that she still had a pulse. Surely, the “alarming” footage left us an important lesson that we should always be extra careful whenever we take a selfie.

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Here are some of the netizens’ comments below:

Watch the viral Facebook video below:

Isang 16 years old na Babae nahulog sa barge! ayon sa nakasaksi nahulog daw ito dahil sa pagseselfie! Sa mahilig mag selfie ingat po! Nangyari po yan sa Osamiz City..©️ JohnNickyOlinan

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