Naglalakihang Tiyan Ng Mga Pating, Binuksan Ng Mga Mangingisda At ‘Di Nila Inasahan Na Ito Ang Madidiskubre Nila

Our ocean is considered as a cavern full of treasures and rich with blessings. We have a lot of bodies of water filled with different marine life that only tells us we are lucky to have Earth as our home because it offers everything that we need. Indeed, we are lucky creatures in this little home.

Mother nature is such a kind and generous owner of the world because she does not ask for anything in return. All she asks is for us to take care of the blessings that she gave this home. Not only because she owns all of this but because we ourselves benefit from the richness of her properties.

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It is great to be like the fishermen from Chenggong port in Tautung County who did not take advantage of the natural resources that they found lying on their own shore. According to reports, the fishermen found a female tiger shark trapped in a stationary net. The shark weighed more than 500 kilograms and its belly is swollen, suggesting that it is pregnant.

The shark is already lifeless but when the fishermen found put it is indeed expecting some babies, they opened up her tummy and saved 38 small tiger sharks which are 80 centimeters in length. Instead of converting the babies into food, the fishermen decided to bring them to the Eastern Marine Biology Research Center of Fisheries Research Institute.

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The following day, the fishermen once again caught a tiger shark trapped in the net. Just like the first one, the tiger shark was pregnant. They were able to gain 37 small sharks which are 60 cm in length. Unfirtunately, 7 of the babies did not make it to the research center.

During the examination, it was found out that the first babies which were saved have a higher chance of surviving because they were born at the exact time. They were active and they already know how to eact small foods by themselves.

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Here are the comments from the netizens:

However, the second batch are kind if premature that’s why they remained under observation.

SOURCE: pixelatedplanet

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