Programmer decided to use his miniature robots for his wedding proposal, his girlfriend’s answer will shock you

For women, receiving a wedding proposal can be one of the most exciting events in their lives. This special occasion has never failed to warm our hearts. That’s why many men put so much time and effort when planning their proposals for their partner. Some of them even hire professional videographers to document the event. Just like what a programmer in China recently did as he tried to propose to his girlfriend.

He Yi’s viral proposal has definitely shocked a lot of netizens. People also gave different sentiments regarding the viral post.

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In line with his job, the programmer decided to use his miniature robots to propose to her lady. But even though it looked cute, his job has always been the main reason for their quarrels. He Yi is usually busy as he works for an artificial intelligence research.

A few days prior to his plan, he made a breakthrough in his research. Because of this, he decided to spend several nights inside his office to get ready for his proposal. He then decided to use these machines as props for his project.

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While his robots were lined up in public, he kneeled down and immediately showed her his engagement ring. But unlike what we’ve all expected, the woman quickly rejected his proposal. She even managed to suggest that He Yi must live with his robots, especially with how much he loves them. Obviously devastated, the programmer had no choice but to be left in public filled with embarrassment.

Netizens immediately came to the rescue and advised him to move on. Some of them even suggested that he must find someone who has the same passion as him. People also said that he’ll a girl who will truly love him.

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