Kim Atienza posts behind-the-scenes photo showing how chaotic a reporter’s life is

When we think about anchors and reporters, we picture them as people who are always formal and straightforward. Because of their profession, they are expected to be prim and proper especially when reporting the news. ABS-CBN’s “TV Patrol,” has always been one of the most trustworthy news broadcast in the country. Recently, Kim Atienza uploaded a photo on his Instagram which shows things goes behind the making of every episode.

He uploaded the photo on his Instagram and has immediately gained attention from netizens.

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In the uploaded photo, he used his co-anchor, Bernadette Sembrano as his main subject. Although it might seem that she looked very comfortable with her green dress, the truth is she isn’t. Behind her glamorous dress, a bunch of wires and lapels have been clipped on her back. Some clips were also attached on her dress to make sure that her dress fits her well.

Netizens immediately gave their sentiments regarding the photo. Some of them jested that it looked like Bernadette was strapped with explosives on her dress. Even with all these jokes, people have praised them for their service. Despite the chaos that they have to go through every day, they still manage to give their best towards their jobs.

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Both Kim and Bernadette are known to be one of the best media personalities in the industry. After several years of mastering their crafts, they have been able to do their jobs without an ease. That’s why many Filipinos are looking up to them, especially for people who are aspiring to be part of the media industry.

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