Loisa Andalio speaks up about the third party issue with Ronnie Alonte

Ronnie Alonte and Loisa Andalio have become one of the most sought-after celebrity couples of this generation. Both of them are part of ABS-CBN‘s noontime variety show, “It’s Showtime” and are members of their respective groups, Hashtags and Girltrends. It is no secret that the two are in a relationship, that’s why many were shocked to hear their controversial breakup earlier this year. Thankfully, they decided to patch things up and rekindle their romance.

During her recent guesting on Boy Abunda‘s “Tonight With Boy Abunda,” Loisa decided to break her silence regarding the third party issue that allegedly put their relationship on the rocks.

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Rumors say that a third party caused their breakup. Sources stated that Loisa had an affair with another guy which left Ronnie devastated. People also claimed that the Girltrends member didn’t fully love the actor and that she took him for granted.

To her defense, Loisa clarified that there was no third party involved in their breakup. According to her, she and Ronnie had a huge misunderstanding which led for them to part ways briefly.

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During her interview, the 19-year-old actress also stressed how trust is important for their relationship. She also advised other couples to talk about their problems and not to ignore them. Loisa also stressed that their relationship is now stronger, thanks to this drawback.

Today, both of them continue to post sweet photos and clips together on social media. Their fans definitely rejoiced upon seeing their favorite couple happy. Although the two have faced a lot of drawbacks in their relationship, they proved that they can conquer anything as long as they are together.


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