Netizens finally solve the mystery of ghostly hand in the swimming pool

Stories about strange incidents easily catch the attention of the internet. No wonder this viral video which captured a ghostly hand in the swimming pool stirred different reactions from the netizens. While many of them were spooked, some refused to even consider it as something paranormal.

In the original video, it showed the split second appearance of the mysterious hand that grabbed the thigh of a young boy. Everything started when the boy experienced trouble staying afloat in the water. When his father carried him to the surface, it was the moment when the hand showed up.

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As seen in the clip, the hand obviously did not belong to anyone else present in the footage. While this mystery remained unsolved, netizens formulated their own eerie reasons why such incident happened.

Some of them attributed it to a ghost and other supernatural beings. After this video spread like wildfire, a fuller version surfaced which helped in exposing the truth behind this alleged ghostly hand.

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In the whole footage, another boy was also present in the scene when this happened. It turned out that the hand belonged to him. Apparently, he swam deep into the water that’s why he became invisible to the camera.

He only resurfaced after the father pulled up the first boy from the water. Moreover, the said child even pointed his hand to the owner of the hand since he probably felt him touching his thigh.

As soon as the mystery case was solved, netizens expressed mixed reactions upon learning the truth.

Watch the video below:

Posted by Wanie Ismail on Friday, October 5, 2018

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