New Version Ng ‘May Pulis sa Ilalim ng Tulay’ Ng Isang Lalaki, Sobrang Nagviral Sa Social Media!

A Parody is a form of imitation of the style of a writer, artist, or genre to a comic effect. It’s mostly done in a form of film or song. People coming from different areas of the globe have their own contributions to the parody world. Some of them successfully pull it off, while some need a little more work.

In a Facebook viral, a group of people were hanging out and having a jamming session. One of them, who was the highlight of the video, was playing with his guitar. They were singing the parody song of “May Pulis sa Ilalim ng Tulay,” and replaced it with the lyric of  “Taeng Tumpok Tumpok”

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Throughout the video, everyone behind the camera, including the guy playing the guitar couldn’t help themselves but laugh. The song went on and on and as it did, the verses became longer and longer.

The lyrics were mainly about a chain effect that started with a feces. From the feces, a fly went over it. From the fly, a chicken used its beak to eat the fly. Then a dog bit the chicken who ate the fly, who flew over the feces. From there, a stranger hit the dog and the stranger got caught by a tanod or an officer of the barangay. The story of the song circled around there.

Mark Tampos Dumol created all the additional lyrics including the music accompaniment. His other name is Nissimac Eternal and he is a singer-songwriter. The original person who came up with the idea, however, remains unidentified.

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As of writing, the video has reached 286 thousand views with 7.7 thousand shares and 2.4 thousand likes. A netizen named Jerry Boy Cuñado was the person responsible for uploading the video on social media.

Read the netizens’ reactions:

Watch the video here:

Taeng tumpok tumpok sa ilalim ng tulay😂Credits:by skusta Neil Dhads Mercado

Posted by JerryBoy Cuñado on Monday, September 17, 2018

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