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Netizens alarmed after Iya Villania rushes her newborn, Alonzo Leon, to the hospital

Drew Arellano and Iya Villania are instantly becoming a celebrity family because of their adorable son Primo. Thousands upon thousands of Filipino people are in love with this family. Not only are these young celebrity parents cool and hip, they are also very loving with their children. The love that netizens have for them will surely not fade anytime soon.

That’s why when Iya Villania revealed that she rushed her newborn, Alonzo Leon, to the hospital, their fans were definitely alarmed. The actress shared the news on social media and has immediately gained the attention of netizens.

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According to the actress, her son took a confirmatory test for a metabolic disorder called glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency. To those who don’t know what this is, G6PD helps red blood cells work and it protects them from substances in the blood that could pose a problem.

Sadly, Baby Alonzo had a positive result for G6PD deficiency during a Newborn Screening (NBS).

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The actress managed to upload a photo of herself with Leon inside the hospital. Upon uploading, Iya and her family immediately received prayers from netizens. All of them were hoping that Baby Alonzo can immediately recover and were wishing for his safety.

Like his parents, many people also wants to see both of their boys happy and healthy.

Besides her shocking news, the 32-year-old actress also advised other mothers to hire night nurses if they can. According to her, midwives can definitely help new mothers like her to take care of their babies.

Especially now that she has to focus on their baby Alonzo, Iya stressed that hiring a night nurse has made everything easier. That’s why on her Instagram, the actress made sure to encourage busy moms like her to take this option.

Check out some sentiments made by the netizens:

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