WATCH: Batang Muntik Malunod, Nasagip Ng Ama Ngunit May Nakakakilabot Na Nangyari Na Aktwal Na Nakunan Ng Video!

People nowadays are attached to their smartphones. May it be for the abundance of online games we can access or the on-going trend of selfies, netizens just can’t seem to put their phones down. However, our cameras can capture more than just happy moments. More often that not, these powerful tools have the ability to see the supernatural. Perhaps a detached head or a mysterious hand that come out of nowhere?

If you check the Facebook video posted by a local netizen, you can see that they were talking about a child who wasn’t able to swim correctly. It’s a good thing that the young boy’s father was around to help him get air back in his lungs.

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The only thing we need to be scared of in this video is the danger this child could’ve went through. It looked like a seemingly simple video until you check out the boy’s leg. After netizens reviewed the video, they noticed that there was an extra hand that appeared out of nowhere.

We aren’t sure where this detached limb came from but from the angle used by the woman, there seemed to be no body. What makes this even more frightening is that we don’t know if this mysterious hand was helping the boy and sealing his doom.

Many netizens tried to solve the mystery of the hand on the video. Some of them concluded that there was a person on the far right of the video when it started. They said that the person probably swam towards the boy to help him from plunging deep into the pool waters.

While others became an instant investigator, others remained curious. However, the only possible explanation for this “mystery” is that there was actually someone else who was swimming with the family. It’s a public pool so this isn’t such a far-fetched idea.

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Read the netizens’ reactions below:

Posted by Eiyna Sharina on Thursday, October 4, 2018

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