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Isang Crew, Tanggal Sa Trabaho Matapos Niyang Gawin Ang Bagay Na Ito Sa Isang Palaboy!

Dunkin’ Donuts crew member splashed a homeless man with water at their branch in Syracuse, New York. This was their poor, thoughtless way of asking the man to leave the store since he was only sleeping. Apparently, this wasn’t an isolated case and these men wanted to teach the homeless person a lesson.

A netizen named Samuel Breazeale re-posted the video of the incident on Facebook, In four days, it had already reached 5.4 million views with over 73,000 shares. Samuel sought out help to netizens all over the world to be able to help the homeless man.

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Many netizens called the attention of Dunkin’ Donuts to let them know that this crew member was out of line. The company immediately responded and said that they were alarmed to see how their employee behaved. Apart from reprimanding him because of what he did, the management released information that they’ve already fired this worker.

Dunkin’ Donuts also sent a reminder to their branches all over the world to observe their employees. This is to make sure that nothing like this would ever happen again. Their company wants to ensure that their crew members are sensitive towards homeless people.

Samuel created a GoFundMe page in order to assist the homeless man. According to him, the man’s name is Jeremy Dufresne and he is in need of help. The kind-hearted netizen’s initial goal was only to get $ 150. The money was to replace the clothes, phone, and charger that got wet during the incident.

The page was put up last October 1, 2018. In a matter of days, thousands of people donated reaching $22, 334, which was way above their expectations. All the proceeds will go directly to Jeremy and his family.

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What happened to Jeremy Dufresne was inhumane. We can only hope that every person who treats another person badly gets rightfully reprimanded. Lets also hope that people like Jeremy would be able to get the help they deserve. And that there would be more people like Samuel who will take initiative to help another man out.

Read the netizens’ reactions below:

That poor guy. You never know what someone is going through in life. 😔 ☹️☹️!!!SYRACUSE, NY Dunkin’ Donuts. This shouldn’t happen to people. No one deserves to go through this in life. (I did not record this video, I just posted it, therefor it is not me who is laughing) Here’s a go fund me of $150 to get him a new set of clothes and a meal and phone charger!!!

Posted by Samuel Breazeale on Sunday, September 30, 2018

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