Magalona Siblings, Inawitan Ang Amang Si Francis Magalona Sa Birthday Nito Bilang Regalo

Francis Magalona undoubtedly has left a huge impact on us Filipinos. Being the first rapper in the country to cross over into the mainstream, Francis M has widely contributed to Original Pilipino Music (OPM). Although it has been years after he passed, the late rapper’s legacy still continues. Like him, his children have also shared their talents with the public through their music and acting skills.

Recently, his kids have visited his tomb and have decided to sing his hit single, “Kaleidoscope World.” 

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Maxene Magalona decided to document their touching moment through her phone and has uploaded it on her Facebook. She together with her brothers, Elmo, Frank, and Arkin have dedicated their song to their late father who was supposed to be celebrating his 54th birthday.

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It can’t be denied that they are as talented as Francis M, especially with how they perfectly blended their voices. Their love for their dad was truly evident as shown in the video. Upon uploading it on Facebook, it has immediately gained thousands of shares and likes from netizens.

Some of them said that Francis M has been long gone, his art and legacy will never be forgotten. Many of them have also greeted the master rapper for his birthday and were happy to see his children get along together. According to them, Francis M was able to bring out the best of our music and that they are proud to be his fans.


Happy birthday to the Master Rapper FrancisM! We love you, papa! 🖤 #FrancisMForever

Posted by Maxene Magalona on Thursday, October 4, 2018

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