‘Kapalmuks!’- Isang Lalaki, Pinagmumura Ang Mga Saleslady Matapos Ibalik Ang Nasirang Sinturon Na Nilaspag Sa Loob Ng 3 Na Buwan!

The saying “The customer is always right” is very familiar to a lot of people in the world. This simply means that no matter what happens, the person paying for a product should be followed at the end of the day. At times though, customers take advantage of this saying despite being wrong all along. This is an issue that has been witnessed by a lot of people time and time again.

Recently, an example of this was documented and witnessed in a local fitness store. In the video, we see a certain male customer complaining about a weightlifting belt that he bought nearly three months ago. The item that he brought in already looked used and worn out.

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He claimed that the item was “defective,” but the sales personnel present at that time did not allow it to be replaced due to the fact that the item was bought already too long ago. If it truly had a “defect,” the customer should have returned it immediately instead of waiting for three months. This statement certainly made a lot of sense.


Because of this, the customer lost his cool and started shouting at the 2 salesladies. He lashed out some harsh words and even threatened to physically harm the distributor of the “defective” item. He kept on saying that he wasted so much time and effort traveling to the store just to get rejected. This went on of about 4-minutes until the video was cut. In the end, nothing was resolved.

Aside from the fact that he caused a scene in public, he also violated the rights of the salesladies as laborers and as women by disrespecting and even to a point threatening them. This was all caught on video that instantly went viral. A lot of netizens shared their negative thoughts regarding the whole situation.

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Republic Act 7394, or the Consumer Act of the Philippines states that customers have the right to return defective products within 7-days after buying them. As we know, the complaining male customer’s grace period is already way overdue.

It is true that customers have certain rights to whatever it is they purchase. Nonetheless, we should never forget that this should not be an excuse to be entitled to bring down those who sell products for a living. At the end of the day, we are all people who equally share the same human rights. Hopefully, everyone picks up a thing or two after watching this video.

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